As Heard In…Tsushima. Japanese protesters shout down Korean tourists.

As Heard In…Dave’s ESL

"Turns out the rumor is true. They aren’t renewing contracts for interns. I got my co teacher to phone them.

The reason they gave is the number of better qualified applicants who are applying.

Sorry to all you other interns who are just like me and feel like you got slapped in the face too… Hopefully this doesn’t totally sour the remainder of your time here.

I have two years of experience and a school full of people who tell me they want me to stay. I get paid much less, but I am not here for the money, rather because it was a dream of mine since highschool. I guess that means utterly nothing to them. Is there anything I can do? No, just do a good job because I care about my students. I really sincerely hope that I am not replaced by one of the many losers I’ve met here. Mr. “I wanna burn down my ___ing school.” Mr. ” I _____ 4 girls a week who I meet on” Mr. “I ____ mostly on the weekends because I go to Hongdae or Itaewon to get mine and it takes me 2 hours to get back to Anyang.” Ms. “I make so much _____ing money here, I hate my students though they are all little ______s.” True stories, and unfortunately they represent a large number of the people I’ve met here.

By the way, I’ll leave it up to you to fill in the blanks. Since you are English teachers… Apparently, I am not. Not sure what I’ve been doing here for the last 8 months…

Well, thats my rant.

Have a nice week.”

more via Chris.Quigley via Dave’s ESL.

As Heard in…Daejeon. EnrishTeacherRyan, a Canadian English teacher in Daejon, displays his “crib” for fellow Youtubers.

As heard in…The Chosun Ilbo

Culture Clash a Constant Struggle for Foreigners in Korea

"For a Canadian English teacher, one of the most challenging moments of living in Korea comes every morning in the changing room of the gym near his home. The Korean men in the shower often glance at his lower body, and some stare with explicit curiosity at his private parts. He feels "like a monkey" in a zoo whenever it happens, he says."

Adjusting to life in Korea isn’t always clear sailing for many foreigners. A housewife from France complains about Koreans who touch her children, saying how cute they are. She was upset when a woman stroked the face of her four-month-old son in the waiting room of a hospital two years ago. “I know they mean no harm and it’s part of Korean culture to compliment the children of strangers, but people wouldn’t touch attractive adults, and children deserve the same respect,” she insists.

more via The Chosun Ilbo

As heard in…Seoul

Don’t Forget The Survey!

We are going into our second week of “The EXPAT Survey”.

A Group of us K-Bloggers are working to come together and figure out ways we can be more efficient in getting information on living in Korea, events and all sorts of stuff out to you, the reader.

As such we are still looking for some information by from you!

You can see the link at the top of the sidebar ——>

Go on, it’s only 10 questions and will only take a couple of minutes.

Get in there!

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As heard in…Jeollanam-do

I was wondering why I was getting a lot of hits for “Citizens’ Association for Lawful English Education” lately, and I see that it turned up in a Korea Times article about the new ATEK president, Greg Dolezal. The “Citizens’ Association for Lawful English Education” was originally, and is better, known as the “Anti-English Spectrum.” The Korea Times piece ran these paragraphs third and fourth in the article by Kang Shin-who:

Above all, reports of misbehavior by some English teachers are among the first things Dolezal has to address.

"There are many foreign instructors who are leading disorderly lives involving sex and drugs, although the foreign group is denying it," said Lee Eun-ung, founder of the Citizens’ Association for Lawful English Education, a group dedicated to mounting surveillance on foreign English teachers. "Without accepting the facts, they will never succeed in removing their bad image."

They didn’t run a quotation from Dolezal or anyone with ATEK until the last paragraph, and that was taken from a news release, demonstrating that the reporter didn’t even bother picking up the phone. The byline reads Kang Shin-who, though he’s gone by Kang Shin-woo before, and has picked up quite a reputation as a shoddy journalist.

more via Brian in Jeollanam-do

As heard in…a 4th grade elementary school class

"I want people to notice about Korea, as wonderful country, not small, poor country next to Japan.

Dokdo is Korean territory! Samsung and LG are Korean brand companies! Korea is a dynamic, wonderful country!”

As heard in…Dave’s ESL

So I went to an open class today. It was at a mixed academic High School.

The highlights were:

-Foreign teacher wearing a pink cup as a pig’s nose.
-Foreign teacher seemingly making it up as he was going along.
-Foreign teacher obviously suffers from severe ADD and narcissism.
-Absolutely no worthwhile English being taught for the whole lesson.
-The lesson plan was about “Nature” (?!!?) and the foreign teacher had a PPT with nothing but pictures he got from Google Images.
-Foreign teacher had to skip over the picture of two bucks gang-raping a deer.
-Foreign teacher made six or seven animal noises.
-Lesson had no structure whatsoever.
-Zero student engagement except laughter.”

more via Dave’s ESL.

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